Soma Choreographies - for Teachers

Join the Kula, our radiant SuryaSoul community and learn the whole 75 min classes in one weekend, including Song Mandalas & MudraSets with Playlists to download. An excellent opportunity to reunite, celebrate and learn together new fusion mudra sets on fantastic new music tunes. 


An incredible powerful weekend sharing, teaching, moving, chanting.

Please respect the commitment of using our choreography and music for teaching SuryaSoul Soma class.


Let’s share SuryaSoul with the world to create a world wide vibration of peace and community through conscious dance and lifestyle practices.


We will use part of these fees to support musicians in producing their music for SuryaSoul future choreographies.

DanceofSoma Choreography "Shanti"


Location: YogaHaus Ettlingen, South Germany


Dates: 2019 Dec 7-8



DanceofSoma Choreography


Location: Kari.Tanzhaus Kempten/ Germany


Dates: 2020 June  6-7

extra Spirit Class April 5!



DanceofSoma Choreography 


Location: YogaHaus Ettlingen/ Germany


Dates: 2020  Dec  5-6




SuryaSoul Soma  Choreographies

available for Soma Teachers  - connected to different Chakras

SuryaSoul Soma Choroegraphies

coming soon


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Kari.Tanzhaus Kempten/Germany

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