DANCE TO CONNECT - our online SuryaSoul Soma Class in May (with choreographed Body Mudras) followed from a Meditation Journey through the 7 Chakras gathered 100 dancers from around the globe!

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2020 Tour: Raga - Dancing into the Melody of Life

The dates of our workshops/teacher trainings and events will be updated regularly.

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SuryaSoul® Movie -  DancePoetry of Life

Breathe, relax and let it move inside.....

SuryaSoul Teacher Trainings - NEW DATES

2020/2021 KariTanzhaus Kempten/ Germany - only one spot left! -Secure your spot! 

Module 1: 2020 Oct 31- Nov 7 - only one spot available-

Module 2: 2021 March 27 - April 3 

Module 3: 2020 Oct 30- Nov 6


2021/2022 Finca Son Sion Mallorca/Spain - sign up NOW!

Module 1: 2021 May 1-8 (7 days)

Module 2: 2021 September 11-19 (8 days)

Module 3: 2022 May 7-14  (7 days)


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India: Chakra Dance Retreat 2021 Jan 30-Feb 7


Join our next Retreat in India: the birthplace of Yoga, Rituals and Sacred Dance.

More than a retreat - it is a spiritual journey, a time for you to tranfsorm....limited places! SIGN UP NOW!


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NEW  TT Dates:


2020 Oct 31- Nov 7

Kari.Tanzhaus Kempten/Germany


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