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SuryaSoul Teacher Trainings

2020/2021 KariTanzhaus Kempten/ Germany - only one spot left! -Secure your spot! 

Module 1: 2020 April 4-11 - 

Module 2: 2020 Oct 31- Nov 7 

Module 3: 2021 March 27 - April 3 



2021/2022 Finca Son Sion Mallorca/Spain - sign up NOW!

Module 1: 2021 May 1-9 

Module 2: 2021 September 11-19 

Module 3: 2022 May 7-14 


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2020 Tour: Raga - Dancing into the Melody of Life

Our SuryaSoul Dance & Meditation Tour in many European Cities (Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Zuerich, Athen) and many beautiful countryside spots and different Countries like India, Bali, Israel, Teacher Trainings are not listed (check here)  

Mallorca Sacred Dance Retreat 2020 - Sept 13-19

- sign up NOW -

Bali: SoulShine Dance Retreat 2020 March 14-21

-only 1 room left -

Join the next SoulShine Dance Retreat in Magic Bali -  2 more rooms available! 

Limited participant number, Retreat Center at the ocean (SUP, snorkeling) with Swimming Pool and sacred Dance Shala, Massage Center;  SuryaSoul Dance and Meditation pratice in and outside: Excursions: Dolphin Boat Tour, Waterfall Walk, Water Purification Ritual with priest


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2020 April 4-11

Kari.Tanzhaus Kempten/Germany

Retreats 2019/2020

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