2023 Events in Germany

Our deepest Gratitude!

We all manifested blissfully more and more graceful SuryaSoul DanceOfHands Teachers with our brandnew Choreography “Tara”.

Next Dance Of Hands “Sundari” in 2024 May 31-June 2.

SuryaSoul Bali Retreat 2024 March 16-23

join the Bliss, info here

Contact us for Registration: info@suryasoul.com

Next year: 2024 India Feb 10-18 (booked out, waiting list), 2024 Bali March 16-23. 

Contact us for Registration: info@suryasoul.com

New Teacher Training with "Bija" - DanceOfSoma

2024 Sept 28 - Oct 5 on Mallorca/Spain

Save your spot: info@suryasoul.com

Educational Program 2024 in Hamburg- open to everyone


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Choreos 2023 & 2024

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