Sacred Dance Retreat Mallorca 2022 Sept 10-17

- two rooms left - 

2022 Tour: AbunDance -Dance to explore & enrich


TOUR 2022:



Chakra 2: Kama

= desire/ esthetic, enjoyment of life

 Chakra 6: Sutra

= thread, or scripture, aphorism 


2022 July 1-3 DanceOfHands for everybody, in Hamburg

Join our Educational 3 days program for the DanceOfHands in philosophy and practice with the 27+1 Hasta Mudras (hand gestures). We will practice in and outdoor in nature in Hamburg. EVERYBODY is welcome. Open to all. Registration:

2022 DanceOfTao in Ettlingen for everybody!

Join our Educational 4 days program for the DanceOfTao in philosophy and practice with the forms of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Tao Meditation. We will practice in and outdoor in nature. EVERYBODY is welcome. Registration:

2022: New Teacher Training in Yogahaus Ettlingen

Gratitude to our last Teacher Training 2021 in Hungary with beautiful international Dancers from Israel, Hungary, Belgium and France

Next India Retreat 2023 Feb 4-12

more info - only 2 rooms left

SuryaSoul Teacher Trainings Mallorca and Germany 2021


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2022 Soma & Yoga Choreos

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