- when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife

Dedicated to dancing & sharing our inner Light

Tao | Dance | Yoga | Heart | Music | Lifestyle | Meditation 



is a conscious embodied Dance & Meditation Lifestyle Practice


SuryaSoul®is based on the Chakra system (=the 7 energy centers) 



integrates the ancient foundations and life philosophies of Tao and Yoga



includes inspiring rhythms and music tunes from all around the world



is a gateway to the mysteries of life



creates an effective system for health and growth



offers different Modalities:

  • DanceOfSoma - choreographed BodyMudras
  • DanceOfSpirit - open Dance Poetry
  • DanceOfLife - Dance, Art, Writing
  • DanceOfYoga - Yoga with Music as a Dance
  • DanceOfHands - Graceful Hasta Mudras as a Heart & Brain Practice
  • DanceOfTao - Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chi Meditation
  • DanceOfMeditation - from Stillness to Being through the Dance

SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a Dance Of Life - is a conscious embodied Dance, Movement & Meditation practice based on the Chakra system (the 7 energy centers) and the philosophies of Tao and Yoga.


The Sun (surya in Sanskrit) is the representation of SuryaSoul®: The Sun as a symbol for life is represented in most ancient traditions and civilizations. We have combined Surya and Soul into one word: the sun life is united with the soul life.


SuryaSoul® is a gateway to the mysteries of life, so that both body and soul can create an effective conscious system for health and growth, weaving all Chakras through movement, meditation, art, poetry and sound. Everyone here is included, no one is excluded. Every principle, idea, technique and exercise is designed to manifest the spirit of unity and foster community building.


A movement for peace, health, joy, success, healing, love, wellbeing and creativity to manifest our unique and common true essence in the world.


Self-expression, community building, movement exploration and conscious meditation make SuryaSoul a unique dance and movement concept that aims at personal and collective embodiment of health, wellness and life visions. Inspired by music tunes from all genres, cultures and perspectives, SuryaSoul is a sound bath into the presence of self and in the space of community.


With a movement language of 27+1 body mudras, SuryaSoul roots its uniqueness in the yoga, dance, tao ancient and modern forms, creating a conscious movement journey through 7 different physics, 7 elements, 7 music genres, 7 teaching and leadership qualities, 7 integral yoga pillars of life practice…


SuryaSoul is also a movement leadership training and practice that can support a one to one life coaching session modality using movement, music, writing and art as embodiment tools. As we say, let your soul spread the wings of unity in the world.


Every class or session is based on a specific map, leading the journey through one or more chakras. The Chakra system reveals a profound picture of universal principles. Each Chakra is a door, a gate which we activate with different keys.


Chakra related movements, music and exercises, visualizations and meditations will support our development towards a healthier and more fulfilled life through the body and soul.  


Enjoy, explore, experience and embrace the Sacred Chakra Architecture of your Body/Soma and Soul/Spirit and your Life.  


The healing combination of Sound and Movement will bring focused clarity to the mind and energized relief to the body.


Dancing together in a SuryaSoul®  class has nothing to do with the way we look, and everything to do with the way we feel! SuryaSoul® Modalities are accessible Dance & Meditation experiences for all ages, abilities and experience levels.  


We move, we shine, we dance, we sing, we meditate and include! 


We look forward to Dancing in this life with each and every one of you.... 

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A Voice of a SuryaSoul Dancer

"For me as a bodyworker and manual therapist dancing Surya Soul has become essential. It is not about fulfilling a required or fixed form, but a deep look inside myself, into my own potential. To get every cell of me into motion and flow it is the true way of dancing and movement."

Julia, Berlin 

SuryaSoul Classes and Sessions are worldwide offered in Yoga Studios, Dance Studios, Hospitals, Schools and in many other locations....


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