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2023 - Akasha - Blue High Vibe Dance Tour

2023 April 29-May 1 in Hamburg/ Germany, DanceOfMeditation



SuryaSoul® DanceOfMeditation- Educational Program - open to everybody - PHILOSOPHY & PRACTICE

- for Yoga Teachers, Dance Teachers, Therapists, Healers...or for your own growth and health 

incl. Playlist "Mystery", SuryaSoul created Meditation Music 




location: Hamburg & Nature


2023 May 6-7, Zülpich, Germany, SuryaSoul Weekend


A unique SuryaSoul Weekend 


DanceOf Soma/ DanceOfHands/ DanceOfMeditation/ DanceOfSpirit/ DanceOfLife...

Sound & Silence



Fee Herz,

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2023 May 21-26, Corfu/ Greece: The Movement Gathering

Different conscious dance/yoga teachers come together in the famous Buddha Hall on Corfu/ Greece. Together with highly trained group facilitators and performers we will guide you towards finding our own natural rhythms. A variety of Yoga classes to start every day, followed by workshops.

At night, we will enjoy a mix of DJ's and live music offering.




2023 May 26-28, Switzerland Weekend Retreat

SuryaSoul Retreat Switzerland

limited places


Happy to announce: we are back for our Weekend Retreat in beautiful Switzerland with amazing Souldfood in "Zentrum der Fülle"! 


A nourishing SuryaSoul Weekend Retreat in with the view to amazing mountains. 


Dance/ Yoga/ Tao / Mudras/ Meditation



Claudia Chamuelle Schreiber;

2023 June 17-24, Sud de la France, Dance & Yoga Holidays

Dance & Yoga Holidays aus Sud de La France

limited places




A SuryaSoul Week with CommUnity shared food, outdoor practice, excursions, a unique designed setup for lifelovers including the french lifestyle. .


Dance/ Yoga/ Tao / Mudras/ Meditation



2023 June 30-July 2, Hamburg/ Germany: DanceOfHands


SuryaSoul® DanceOfHands- Educational Program - open to everybody - PHILOSOPHY & PRACTICE

- for Yoga Teachers, Dance Teachers, Therapists, Healers...or for your own growth and health 

- incl. Choreography "Tara" 

- wisdom of the 27 +1 Hasta Mudras

- Rituals

- incl. DanceOfYoga & Soma Class

 -Kula Dinner in Hamburg



location: Hamburg & Nature



2023 July 6-10, Barcelona Yoga Conference


The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to people of all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga. An uplifting open-hearted gathering with world-leading Yoga teachers and musical artists, creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform. 

We will offer dancing sessions of SuryaSoul, Happy to see you there...



2023 August 19-26, Ettlingen/ Germany: TT Module 3- DanceOfLife

SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife (TT) , Module 3

more information about SuryaSoul® Teacher Training



2023 Sept 2-3, Learn-Weeekend "Akasha" for Soma Teachers

NEW for 2023:

DanceOfSoma Choreography  "Akasha"

Chakra 5

for SuryaSoul Teachers 



location: Yogahaus Ettlingen

2023 Sept 10-14, SuryaSoul Healing Dance Retreat in Schloss Elmau/ Bavaria/Germany


A Personal Wellbeing Retreat to rejuvenate and reinvigorate with the healing power of dance and yoga to strengthen your ability to concentrate, coordinate and enjoy. Dancing is medicine, regenerates brain cells, reduce stress and keeps us young .The SuryaSoul®Healing Dance by and with Sabine Zweig und Philippe Beaufour is combining elements of Dance, Tao, Yoga and Meditation on the basis of the seven chakras.

The Retreat includes Breakfast Buffet, dancing & yoga sessions and two Spa Treatments (60 Minutes each).

2023 Sept 15-17 De Clinch/ Holland - Weekend Retreat

SuryaSoul Weekend Kula Retreat - for everybody

location:  De Clinch, 's Gravenstraat 53, Clinge, Netherlands

(special artistic community location)

registration: Marjon van Dorsselaer,+31 114 321992 ,

2023 Sept 30 - Oct 7 Mallorca/ Spain: eSoulCamp for Teachers

e-SoulCamp for SuryaSoul Teachers

- share, connect, exchange, grow -

After 4 years we invite you to participate on our international Teacher Gathering in the Paradise Finca Son Sion on Mallorca.


1 week of deepening our practice,  growing into teaching, being part of the international SuryaSoul Teacher Kula. All Participants of our SuryaSoul Teacher Trainings are welcome - no matter if you teach or not.


Content: 49 e-points, teaching, dancing, moving, sharing, meditating, connecting, reflecting 

2023 Oct 7-14 Mallorca/ Spain: Sacred Dance Retreat

SuryaSoul Sacred Dance Retreat



1 week SuryaSoul Dance Meditation Tao Yoga

incl. Accomodation & Veg. Food & Pool

amazing dance shala




2023 Oct 20-22 Budapest/ Hungary  - SuryaSoul Weekend

SuryaSoul Weekend - for everybody

 + Special Live Music



1-3 Jurányi U, Unit B, 4th floor,

1027 Budapest, Hungary



Anita Kocsis, +36 30 930 5293


Movie Budapest Event


2023 Nov 25 & 26 in Wulfertshausen/ Bavaria/Germany- SuryaSoul Weekend

SuryaSoul Dance & Meditation Weekend



Bewegungsraum/ Radegundisstr. 1/ 86316 Friedberg/ Wulfertshausen close to Augsburg



Claudia Becker |

Adobe Acrobat Document 890.6 KB

2023 Dec 10 in Aichhalden/Blackforest/Germany- SuryaSoul Day

SuryaSoul Dance & Meditation Day


with XMas Coffee/Tea/Cookies break




Reißerweg 12 | 78733 Aichhalden




Sonja Rogg |

2023 Dec 28-30 in Hamburg/Germany- DanceOfYoga


SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga-

3 days Educational Program

- open to Soma Teachers



- incl. Choreography "Jiva"  

 -Kula Dinner in Hamburg

- only 10 spots



location: Hamburg




2024 Feb 10-18 Chakra Dance Retreat in India


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