SuryaSoul® Teacher Training

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SuryaSoul® Teacher Training (3 Modules of 70 hours = 210 hours)

with SuryaSoul® Trainers & Founders Philippe Beaufour and Sabine Zweig

The SuryaSoul® TT is open to all.

Learnbook (Shastra) available in English, German and French. 

Science of Movement

Body, Root of our Practice

Learn the principles of movement/dance physics and dynamics to find, explore and expand your own individual technique. 


Yin Yang Philosophy

27+1 Body Mudras

Explore the philosophies of Tao, Yoga and Dance in theory and practice, embodiment through creative expression and movement sequences. 


Integral Yoga

Yoga of Evolution

Experience the ancient wisdom of Yoga and find alignment with your own 

true identity, including Sanskrit vocabulary.


Chakra Anatomy

Life Energy System 

Master the 7 Chakra System of your Body and Soul in relationship to movement and emotions, the soulful anatomy between mother earth and father sky.


Science of Sound

Vibrations and Magic of Music

Discover the rich diversity of music genres, tunes, sounds, instruments, atmospheres; including music management education. 


Science of Living

Visions and Manifestations

Dive into your leadership potential and qualities.

Trust into your inner guidance as a leader.



One with All

Practice the peaceful Mantra Meditation, the inspiring Movement Meditation and the sophisticated Mudra Meditation of SuryaSoul.  

SuryaSoul Teacher Training in 3 Modules

SuryaSoul® TT Module 1 - DanceOfSoma

Choreographed and Free Forms from Tao, Dance and Yoga with 27 Body Mudras incl. Chanting

Open to all, includes:

-70 hours of education

-Awakening Mala

-Training Manual Module 1 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® Soma Teacher Certification

-1 Choerography incl. MudraSets &  SongMandalas

SuryaSoul® TT Module 2 - DanceOfSpirit

Individual and Collective Dance Poetry & Creativity with Spirit Mudras

Open to certified SuryaSoul® Soma Teacher (Level 1), includes

-70 hours of education

-Heart Mala

-Training Manual Module 2 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® Spirit Teacher Certification

SuryaSoul® TT Module 3 - DanceOfLife

Life as a Dance Coaching with Life Mudras

Open to certified SuryaSoul® Soma & Spirit Teacher (Level 1&2), includes

-70 hours of education

-Unity Mala

-Training Manual Module 3 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife Teacher Certification

Voices of SuryaSoul Trainees

A Voice of a SuryaSoul Trainee

"My SuryaSoul kept me whispering, inspiring and creating. There a little bit of sound and here a little bit of free movement. 

Again, this special feeling grew within me, a feeling that has grown after the first Surya Soul training and has manifested itself as a recognition within me after the Spirit week: I have discovered something special yet something simple (or has it discovered me?). 

Since the end of the Surya Soul Spirit training I feel as if a new part within me has been cracked open and the light can now reach areas I have not known before.  Isn’t that just amazing, how this wonderful method, training, however you call it, is a great way of connecting and embracing?! It is now that I understand the meaning of „when yoga becomes a dance of life“.

Surya Souls threads are weaving beautiful fabrics. I keep finding new little things in it, seeds, sun rays, sounds, dance steps, directions, breaths…, this could go on forever. It is like a walk through the woods and suddenly you find a treasure box filled with gemstones. Then the light shines through the trees and you realize this is not a fairy tale it resonates because this light is within you. To me it is even more, a recognition, a „this is it!“ – this is what I want to do and what I want to teach!

Sabine and Philippe, I truly believe you created something “BIG” by pouring all you know and all you are in the river of life. 

The thing that is most wonderful about it is your generosity:  

everyone is invited in this river to drink, bath and share knowledge while lying in the sun and resting. I want to thank you from the heart as I want to thank you all, my lovely tribe."

Nadia, Austria


These are moments when “only” a pure “Thank you” from the heart is coming over my lips.

Thank you for sharing your experience, your knowledge and your wisdom with us.

Thank you for your open heart, your kindness, your awareness and delicacy of feeling ( Feinfühligkeit)

Thank you for feeling so secure with you and knowing that I can trust that the right thing will happen.

Thank you for your passionate work, your creation, which really seems to be an endless source of creativity.

Thank you for your precious time you are sharing with us.

Thank you for guarding us like parents do with their children.

Thank you for noticing us, sensing deeper, seeing behind and helping us to unveil our true self.

Thank you for your wonderful words, they are nourishing, heart-warming and precious for me to continue on my path and expand.

Bettina, Mallorca


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