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SuryaSoul® Teacher Circle - Countries

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SuryaSoul in the world

Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour


SuryaSoul in Austria


SuryaSoul in the Netherlands 


SuryaSoul in Spain - Uodate will come soon


SuryaSoul in Switzerland



SuryaSoul® Nada Circle - Music

Prem Joshua & Band - World Fusion Music, Crossover Sound


Brenda McMorrow - Kirtan and Chanting


Donna de Lory - World Devotional Music


Nadaka & GopikaI - Indian World Fusion & Sound Meditation


Sathya and Liliana - Mantras


Emy Berti - Sacred Chanting


Jeremy Roske - conscious Rap, Pop, Rock, Mantras


Yemadas - World Fusion for a better world 


Laeela - David & Neelam - Mantras


Philippo Francini - guitar for the soul, blues kirtan


David Ma - shining music for a shining wolrd - piano


Helge Steffensen - fantastic Didgeridoo-player/builder 

SuryaSoul® Shala Circle for Trainings

YogaHaus Ettlingen

SuryaSoul® Life Circle

Mohanam Cultural Center

a project in India which we and our students support since many years


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2022 Choreos

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