DanceOfHands - for every body & soul

- Educational Program 2024 May 10 - 12

incl. Choreography "Sundari"

Location: Hamburg/Germany & at the river Alster

Dates: 2024 May 10-12

Timings: daily 9am  - 5.00pm


Trainers: Sabine & Philippe

Our goal is to give you a deeper holistic understanding of Mudras (Hand Gestures) and its philosophy, including the physical aspects. You’ll learn, practice Mudras of Indian Classical Dance, Yoga and Tao including Meditation Techniques.

Including Shastra (PDF) of Philosophy & Practice, Playlist of a DanceOfHands Class, SongMandalas, 27 & 1 Hasta Mudras, Sanskrit, writing and drawing…

DanceOfHands Choreographies

Enjoy the Practice of DanceOfHands Move & Meditate, the Yoga of your Hands: staying creative & graceful, healthy & balanced!  

SuryaSoul Teachers DanceOfHands: 

Alenka Bajc, Angela Zunk, Anita Kocsis, Chamuelle Claudia Schreiber, Cornelia Baldini, Diana Maag, Eva-Maria Kerp, Julia Scharff, Kathleen Anderson de Miranda, Lisa Wengi, Marion Maertens, Noa Kadman, Regina Scharff, Silke Mörck, Swantje Tholund, Wilma Notermans, Yvonne Mayoraz

Reflections after the ONLINE training

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this training! You have inspired me as a teacher and with the Surya Soul Training in so many places and I benefit immensely from the training - to be more and more anchored in my body, to be able to flexibly open myself to difficult emotions of my clients and also in challenging situations again and again to be able to return to an open accepting attitude. Also to teach my clients how to deal with challenging emotions on different levels and to open themselves more and more to life with everything it brings;  to be able to dance the "Dance of Life" more consciously, with courage, trust, connectedness and the tools to help them do that.

Work with the body is immensely important for many of my clients, but at the same time it has to be done very sensitively for some, I have been waiting so longingly for Dance of Hands. Here I have learned tools and practical exercises on a level that will be easier for many of my clients to realize that can enable them to calm down and anchor themselves, to concentrate and focus, to come into their own strength and always to open your heart again and balance emotions. I am really excited to integrate and thank you for your knowledge, your role model and the professional, focused, appreciative and creative atmosphere in all of your training sessions.

It becomes so clear that you live what you teach and the exchange with all the other teachers and networking is such a helpful basis for my work, especially for me, because I come from a completely different "field" and sometimes almost because of it figuratively stumble over my feet ;-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Eva-Maria Kerp,

SuryaSoul DanceOfLife Teacher





This training was above and beyond my expectations. First, the amazing power of hand mudras was really sensed and perceived. Already during the training my teaching changed and my awareness of the hands and fingers enhanced my classes. My dancers immediately noticed! Second, I loved how this deepened my previous knowledge of SuryaSoul e-points and e-fields. Every training with you strengthens my commitment to this path. Third, I realized that the Hasta Mudras are like entering the heart chakra and finding 7 chakras within the center of our energy centers. Fractals all around!The delivery over Zoom was wonderful and let me feel connected to our kula and nourished in ways I have forgotten ever since COVID entered our lives. I feel recharged, awakened and excited for the future again.

May the never ending circles continue to ripple out. 

Noa Kadman/ Israel/ SuryaSoul DanceOfLife Teacher


During our first Dance of Hands class, I felt a deep sense of grace and connection. I was surprised by the gentle power and energy I experienced in my fingertips and how practicing the mudras felt both grounding and energizing. As we explored the Dance of Hands, I felt more relaxed on a deep level, as well as more creative and playful in my expression. I also love the stillness (fingers and fingertips touching) in the movement (fingers, hands, arms, full body) of the Dance of Hands. For me, there is deep peace and a deep recognition that surfaces in the dance. The content was complete, clear, well-organised and I really enjoyed that all types of learning were incorporated: visual, oral, kinesthetic, reading, writing, drawing and art--I'm amazed at how well working in pairs and groups worked via zoom and how creative you were with our writing and creative assignments and sharing them with others and the entire group. What a lovely, supportive group! 

Learning the music and sunrays, embodying the movements and music, and repeating was so helpful. I especially love your pedagocial approach: learning the mudras and their meanings/e-fields via instruction and game-like repetition, then meditating, journaling, drawing that we did to help learn and embody the mudras. SO FUN! I am amazed at how well you were able to facilitate this process given the zoom classroom. It was fantastic. Starting and ending the days with class was wonderful, and our kula teaching the last day was so much fun! I was so touched to witness all of us teach--including me. Now that's an experience--to be able to watch yourself teach in real time thanks to the computer camera! ;-) 

Kathleen Anderson de Miranda, Sweden, DanceOfSoma Teacher 


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