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SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma

SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma

Awakening – the Way of Movement

Develop your Body & Health

Body, Sound, Emotion 


Choreographed and Free Forms from Tao, Dance and Yoga with 27 Body Mudras incl. Chanting

  • dance journey into the 7 chakra energies
  • a movement practice with dancing Body Mudras 
  • a collective dance shaped in the infinitely symbolic shape of a circle (a mandala)
  • the marriage of Yoga with Tao
  • when we let joy sing with our chanting hearts
  • from individual expression to commUnity celebration
  • a positive releasing movement practice
  • physical benefits to regenerate the strength of our muscles, lengthen the space between our bones, and expand our range of motion
  • an exlporation into sounds of the World’s Music


SuryaSoul Soma Choreographies  

  • CHAKRA 1:  roOts, amMA
  • CHAKRA 2: YinYang, Wild, Kama
  • CHAKRA 3: shIne, SunRise
  • CHAKRA 4: Shanti, heArt
  • CHAKRA 5: Raga, Akasha (2023)
  • CHAKRA 6: Wise, Sutra
  • CHAKRA 7: OM, atman


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