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SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga

SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga


SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga is a further education program based on the DanceOfSoma,

Rooted in classical Yoga Asanas we dive into the e-field:

  • e-nter the Dance on the Yoga mat 
  • e-xplore different physics and directions 
  • e-volve with the principles 
  • e-mbrace the floor
  • e-xpress the music 
  • e-nrich your knowledge 
  • e-xpand your life


SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga is a practice for your body and soul,  weaving all Chakras through MudraSets and Asanas, Music, Physics, Alignement Principles, BodyKula and Meditation. Every class is a journey through the 7 chakras.

 We practice the universal Path of Union!


SuryaSoul DanceOfYoga Choreographies:


  • Sat
  • Chit 
  • Ananda
  • JIva


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