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Next 3 days Educational Full Program incl. Choroegraphy "Sundari" - for everybody:

2024 May 10-12 Hamburg

SuryaSoul® DanceOfHands


Many cultures have viewed the hand as a perfect microcosm of the universe and a masterpiece of nature: 5 digits, 27 bones, 15 joints. 


Whether Mudras are classified under yoga or dance, or found in various forms or sets, they all share a common ground. The essential themes found in all Vedic and Tantric arts reveal that these traditions are founded on a sincere interest in touching the heart of human nature.


When your hands, the instruments of your mind, are in the position of the Chakra Mudra, life energy moves upward to merge into the wisdom of your higher Self. 


Moving and dancing your hands and fingers with the physics and knowledge of the 7 Chakras. Music is our guide in this very special class format.  


DanceOfHands sessions are increasing our brain functions, activate hidden connections and support concentration.


It is a soft and loving meditation practice with palyful elements to allow the Dancer to open up their anahata space. 



SuryaSoul DanceOfHands Choreography:


  • Namaha (2020)
  • Devi (2022)
  • Tara (2023)
  • Sundari (coming 2024)

Using all 27 & 1 Hasta Mudras to move and meditate with a Playlist of the 7 Nada Genre to balance all Chakras, incl. Mantra Meditation.  

Infos for our Educational Program DanceOfHands.


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