DanceOfMeditation - for everybody & soul

Next 3 days Educational Full Program incl. Playlist & Music for everybody:


Location: Hamburg & nature

Dates: 2024 dates will be annouced


Trainers: Sabine & Philippe

Our goal is to give you a deeper holistic understanding of Meditation and its philosophy, including the practice of playing the Tibetan bowls.


You’ll learn, practice Meditation with different Body positions in silence and with music, in stillness and with movement.

Further Educational Program

SuryaSoul ® DanceOfMeditation includes  


1_Conscious Movement Journey from Stillness to Movement

(7 Meditation Movement Mudras) incl. music tunes (produced for SuryaSoul)


2_Sound Healing Journey with Singing Bowls Practice and voice guidance


You will receive a full playlist with all songs for a SuryaSoul® DanceOfMeditation Class based on 7 different Body Movement Meditation Mudras. These special songs are produced and created for SuryaSoul® from our dear SuryaSoul Teacher and Musician Jess Joy Allen from England!


We will also introduce you to the skills and wisdom of playing Singing Bowls.




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