eSoulCamp for SuryaSoul Teachers

Finca Son Sion Mallorca/Spain, Pool & SoulFood

We offer unique Retreats for SuryaSoul Teachers.


A real community retreat to deepen the basics of the practice, research together using the pillars of the training, develop teaching skills and leadership presence in a safe, soulful and supporting environment with international SuryaSoul Teachers as participants.


  • ·        Develop teaching skills
  • ·        Get inspired by others
  • ·        Reflect on what we all bring
  • ·        Deepen the SuryaSoul philosophy
  • ·        Connect to the Kula Circle of Teachers

Daily 6 hours e-Practice:

e-nter Music of all Nada Genres

e-xplore Movement and Dance

e-volve in SuryaSoul Soma certified Choreographies

e-mbrace your Teaching Skills

e-xpress your Soul

e-nrich your Life

e-xpand your SuryaSoul Practice



Next e-SoulCamp 2026

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