SuryaSoul® Modalities

SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma

Awakening – the Way of Movement

Develop your Body & Health

Body, Sound, Emotion

SuryaSoul® DanceOfSpirit

Expression – the Way of the Heart

Liberate your Heart & Soul

Element, Ritual:

Individual and Collective Dance Poetry & Creativity with Spirit Mudras

SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife

Embodied Lifestyle – the Way of Unity

Manifest your Visions & Dreams


Life as a Dance - Workshops with Life Mudras

SuryaSoul® DanceOfYoga

Rooted in classical Yoga Asanas

SuryaSoul® DanceOfTao

Rooted in Yin & Yang of Tao

SuryaSoul® DanceOfHands

Mudras Indian Dance/ Yoga & Rituals

Hands are the extension of the heart

Awareness of Anahata

SuryaSoul® DanceOfMeditation

- Conscious Movement Journey - from Stillness to Moving

- Sound Healing Journey (Tibetan Bowls)




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